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Implementing the First Dust Conversion Platform on MultiversX

xDustConverter revolutionizes DeFi transactions by allowing users to seamlessly convert small token amounts in a single transaction. The platform addresses the challenge of minimizing gas costs, ensuring users retain maximum value from their transactions

The Challenge

In the rapidly evolving landscape of DeFi, a critical need emerged for a dust conversion platform. Such a platform would empower users to efficiently convert tokens from multiple DEXes in a single transaction. xDustConverter aimed to fill this crucial gap, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective experience for users dealing with fractional tokens.

To tackle the challenge, we devised a comprehensive solution that involved the development of distinct components. These components work in tandem to facilitate efficient token conversion:

Smart contracts

User experience was at the forefront of our smart contract implementation. 

To make things simpler for our users, we introduced a unique approach. Instead of expecting users to manage the sale of dust tokens themselves, we set up a dedicated endpoint handled by our microservice. This endpoint takes care of the token sale process, allowing users to focus solely on submitting their tokens. This design enables us to quickly calculate the output amount and return it to the user without requiring an immediate token swap. This not only streamlines the user experience but also significantly reduces associated gas costs.

With the MultiversX Rust Framework and this user-centric smart contract solution, xDustConverter ensures a straightforward and cost-effective experience for users navigating fractional token conversions in the dynamic DeFi landscape.

The Dapp Experience

At buidly, we prioritize a user-friendly experience. Our Dapp is designed for simplicity, ensuring that users can swap tokens with ease. With just two clicks, users can execute their desired swaps. Additionally, we’ve seamlessly integrated a referral system, allowing users to effortlessly invite others to join the platform and get rewarded for it.

The Microservice Advantage

Our microservice is the backbone of the xDustConverter ecosystem. Acting as a GraphQL API, it serves as a bridge between the Dapp and the Smart Contract. This approach optimizes data retrieval with smart caching mechanisms, providing quick and efficient responses to user requests. The microservice also takes charge of managing token prices and triggers the sale of accumulated dust tokens, enhancing the overall user experience.


By combining an intuitive Dapp interface with the capabilities of our microservice and our performant smart contract, xDustConverter offers users a straightforward and efficient platform for token swapping. This integration simplifies the process, empowering users to transact effortlessly and making xDustConverter a standout solution in the dynamic world of DeFi.