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Unveiling a Decentralized Tourism Experience

RomaniaPass marks a milestone in decentralized tourism, brought to life through our collaboration with Stramosi. As their trusted partner, we transformed their visionary concept into the first-ever decentralized tourism platform in Romania. Embark on extraordinary adventures, indulge in culinary delights, and partake in unforgettable experiences, all made possible with Stramosi NFTs.

The challenge

Crafting a competitive Web3 platform in the realm of established Web2 giants posed a significant challenge. Our primary focus was to ensure that RomaniaPass would not only stand out but also be user-friendly and attractive. The core concept was to create a platform where Stramosi NFT holders could engage in two types of offers: Direct Claim and Raffle, ensuring every participant walks away with a valuable experience. Through close collaboration with Stramosi, we meticulously refined business requirements into precise technical specifications, ultimately laying the foundation for a successful implementation.

Smart contracts

RomaniaPass required a robust yet user-friendly smart contract system to handle NFT transactions efficiently. Leveraging the strengths of MultiversX blockchain, we introduced platform NFTs to represent accommodations and experiences, ensuring seamless redemption. Users participate in offers with their Stramosi NFTs, which are sent to the smart contract. Upon offer completion, the winner receives their platform NFT for redemption, while all other participants regain their Stramosi NFTs. Through strategic use of MultiversX’s capabilities, we overcame gas cost challenges, employing a method of breaking down large transactions into manageable segments. This innovative approach guarantees a winning experience for all participants in RomaniaPass.

Navigating RomaniaPass Dapp

Crafting an engaging Web3 platform is a feat, and in collaboration with the Stramosi team, we’ve risen to the challenge. Their stellar UI design was seamlessly integrated to elevate the user experience. Joining an offer is a breeze, requiring just two clicks, whether on desktop or mobile.

To facilitate offer creation, we’ve introduced an intuitive admin panel, enabling the team to effortlessly add and manage new offers. This thoughtful addition ensures a smooth experience for both users and administrators, making RomaniaPass a standout platform in decentralized tourism.

The Microservice Advantage

The backbone of RomaniaPass lies in our essential microservice, responsible for handling off-chain data and processing crucial information for the Dapp. This invaluable component stores a wealth of offer-related data, including images, dates, locations, hyperlinks, and more.
Each RomaniaPass NFT image, representing unique accommodations, is meticulously generated by our microservice. It seamlessly matches templates with offer specifics, guaranteeing a tailored experience for every individual offer. This intricate process ensures that RomaniaPass delivers a truly personalized and exceptional experience for its users.


RomaniaPass revolutionizes travel with personalized experiences. Through smart contracts, an intuitive Dapp, and our dynamic microservice, we’ve transformed Stramosi’s vision into reality. Stramosi NFTs open doors to unforgettable journeys. From accommodations to culinary delights, RomaniaPass invites you to a world where everyone wins. Join us at and explore the future of decentralized tourism.

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