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Unleashing Alchemical Powers in MultiversX

Step into Alka Sowa’s mystical realm, mastering alchemy and forging alliances. With genuine ownership of assets through NFTs and SFTs, Materia Prima pioneers a new era of Web3 gaming.

The challenge

Adapting the popular board game, MateriaPrima, to the blockchain posed its unique set of challenges. Building engaging Web3 games, where players seamlessly interact with transactions and digital assets, while maintaining a stellar gaming experience, presented its complexities. Through meticulous planning and architectural finesse, we harnessed the power of smart contracts, microservices and a user-friendly dapp. Our focus was on minimizing direct player-blockchain interactions, ensuring on-chain data synchronization without compromising the gaming experience.

Smart Contracts

MateriaPrima’s smart contract architecture is a harmonious ensemble of multiple contracts, collaboratively addressing the project’s diverse business requirements. From minting NFTs and SFTs to orchestrating in-game user interactions, these contracts form the backbone of the MateriaPrima experience. Leveraging MultiversX’s advanced NFT & SFT attributes, we encode critical information on-chain, granting users unequivocal ownership over their digital assets. This ensures a secure and immersive gameplay experience in the mystical realm of Alka Sowa.

The Dapp Experience

Our collaboration with MateriaPrima’s talented artists has transformed the Dapp experience into an enchanting journey. With a rich artistic background, they’ve provided meticulously hand-drawn artwork that immerses users in the world of MateriaPrima. These visuals have been seamlessly integrated into our user-friendly interface, creating a captivating experience that resonates with the mystical realm of Alka Sowa. Join us as we celebrate this partnership, where creativity and technology converge to bring MateriaPrima to life in a truly unique way.

Backend Magic

Behind MateriaPrima’s immersive experience lies a powerful backend system, orchestrating the game logic and interactions with our smart contracts. This intricate system ensures seamless communication with our user-friendly Dapp, allowing players to fully engage in the enchanting world of MateriaPrima.


MateriaPrima stands as a testament to the fusion of artistry and technology, where hand-drawn wonders and blockchain innovation converge to create an enchanting gaming experience. From seamlessly integrated smart contracts to an intuitive Dapp interface, every element has been meticulously crafted. As we look to the future, MateriaPrima exemplifies the potential for limitless creativity in the realm of Web3 technology, offering a glimpse into what’s possible when imagination takes center stage. Explore with us, any vision can turn into reality.