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Navigating New Frontiers in MultiversX

Embark on a journey of exploration with Launchpad.Gold, a web3 platform within the MultiversX ecosystem. Developed in collaboration with our valued client IOIOM, whose UI/UX design brings a user-friendly touch, Launchpad.Gold offers diverse opportunities for Flightpass holders. With options like staking and NFT staking, we’re taking steps towards creating a more inclusive launchpad experience.

The challenge

Developing Launchpad.Gold as a decentralized platform within the MultiversX ecosystem came with its own set of complexities. Our focus was on providing a functional yet approachable platform. We worked diligently to integrate features like staking and NFT staking, ensuring they are accessible and secure for Flightpass holders while keeping the platform’s capabilities in perspective.

Smart contracts

The foundation of Launchpad.Gold rests on robust and secure smart contracts. These contracts manage various functionalities, granting Flightpass holders control over their digital assets. With a nod to MultiversX blockchain, we’ve encoded essential information on-chain, enabling users to have complete ownership and trust in their launchpad experience.

The Dapp Experience

Launchpad.Gold aims to provide Flightpass holders with a straightforward Dapp experience. IOIOM’s UI/UX design enhances user interactions, offering simplified access to various features. The intuitive interface ensures ease of use, while we continue to refine and expand the platform’s capabilities.


Launchpad.Gold is a step towards making decentralized launches more accessible. In partnership with IOIOM, we’ve laid the groundwork for a platform that aims to grow and evolve. With options like staking and NFT staking for Flightpass holders, Launchpad.Gold aspires to play a role in the future of decentralized launches.