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MultiversX's First Permissionless DEX

Step into a new era of decentralized finance with Exrond, the inaugural permissionless decentralized exchange on MultiversX. Experience seamless trading without constraints, as Exrond opens the door to a world of financial possibilities. Join us and be a part of the future of decentralized exchange.

The challenge

Entering the dynamic world of DeFi is a journey laden with complexities. Crafting Exrond required a delicate dance between fortifying smart contract security and optimizing performance. With IOIOM as our esteemed client, providing exceptional UI/UX designs, we seamlessly integrated their vision. Together, we overcame challenges, giving rise to a secure, user-friendly, and pioneering permissionless exchange on MultiversX. Explore and be a part of the future of decentralized trading.

Smart Contracts Architecture

Exrond’s backbone lies in its meticulously crafted smart contracts, designed to provide seamless and secure interactions within the DeFi space. These contracts govern permissionless liquidity pools, staking, and NFT staking, granting users unprecedented control over their assets. By leveraging the principles of MultiversX and drawing from our expertise in DEXs, we’ve created a robust foundation that ensures trust and transparency in every transaction.

The Dapp Experience

At Exrond, the Dapp experience is a seamless fusion of IOIOM’s outstanding UI/UX design and Buidly’s technical expertise. IOIOM’s intuitive design transforms user interactions, offering easy access to permissionless liquidity pools, staking, and NFT staking. This collaboration with Buidly’s technical mastery sets Exrond apart, redefining user-centric design in the decentralized exchange landscape.

Backend Alchemy

Exrond’s backend is the powerhouse driving our DeFi platform. It handles permissionless liquidity pools, staking, NFT staking, and features a cutting-edge aggregator that computes optimal swap routes across multiple DEXs. This dynamic infrastructure ensures seamless transaction processing, providing users with a fast, secure, and reliable platform to navigate the world of decentralized finance.


Exrond pioneers decentralized finance with the first permissionless exchange on the MultiversX Network. Offering secure and user-friendly trading, Exrond opens doors to a new era of financial freedom. Join us in redefining DeFi.