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Revamping the Equistar Gaming dApp

Equistar, the blockchain-based horse racing game by Estar Games, received a remarkable transformation with the help of our dedicated team at buidly. In our mission to enhance the Play-to-Earn experience, we introduced a fresh and user-centric frontend, making Equistar a standout project in the MultiversX blockchain gaming ecosystem.

The Challenge

Estar Games, a Web3 gaming company, sought to elevate their gaming experience for the MultiversX community. Equistar, presented a unique challenge. The existing frontend of the game was outdated, lacking in user-friendliness, and unable to fully leverage the potential of blockchain technology.

Our Solution

To address the challenge, we leveraged our expertise in web development, React, TypeScript, and Material UI to implement the user-centric frontend for Equistar. We meticulously translated the provided design into a sleek and intuitive interface, while also incorporating real-time communication capabilities using WebSockets. This addition allowed for dynamic, instant updates within the game, enhancing the overall gaming experience and fostering a more immersive and engaging environment for players.


Through our collaboration with Estar Games, we successfully transformed Equistar’s frontend into a modern and user-friendly interface. This revitalized the game, attracting more players, enhancing Play-to-Earn opportunities, and strengthening the MultiversX blockchain gaming community.