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Elevating MultiversX Development

BeaconX, a revolutionary infrastructure platform, is set to redefine the landscape of MultiversX development. Anchored by its inaugural service, Events Notifier, this powerhouse collaboration between Buidly and DisruptiveDigital ushers in a new era for app developers. Get ready to experience real-time MultiversX block events seamlessly integrated into your applications.

The challenge

Creating BeaconX’s Events Notifier posed a series of intricate challenges. The foremost task was establishing a robust infrastructure capable of handling real-time on-chain events. This necessitated the deployment of multiple observer nodes meticulously configured to relay block events to our multi-node RabbitMq cluster. From there, the events were routed to user-generated queues, ensuring timely and precise delivery.

Managing user subscriptions introduced another layer of complexity. Leveraging NFT subscriptions, we encoded subscription data directly on-chain, providing users with a seamless and secure means to control their event notifications.

Infrastructure journey

Our successful implementation of a NFT subscription infrastructure for RabbitMQ queues reflects our dedication to user-friendly and secure access. We’ve worked to simplify interactions with the RabbitMQ API while maintaining a robust management interface. Our distributed multi-node cluster ensures reliable availability for individual RabbitMQ queues tied to NFTs, providing users with seamless access to messages. Additionally, our system employs observer squads for efficient message routing and deduplication using Redis, ensuring swift processing. This solution, prioritizing both security and accessibility, serves businesses with demanding uptime and messaging needs associated with NFT ownership.

Smart contracts

In the realm of BeaconX, our smart contracts shine brightest with the innovative NFT subscription feature. This forward-looking approach encodes subscription specifics directly on-chain, including critical details like start and end dates or subscription type. This ensures a level of transparency and security that users can trust. Moreover, the tradability of NFTs adds an extra layer of utility. Should a subscription no longer be needed, users have the option to sell it on NFT marketplaces, maximizing flexibility and value for the BeaconX community.


At the heart of BeaconX lies a dynamic microservice that streamlines user interactions with the RabbitMQ API. When a subscription is created, our microservice seamlessly orchestrates the process, communicating with the RabbitMQ API to establish the necessary queue and dependencies. This swift and efficient operation ensures that messages are up and running in a matter of seconds, delivering a seamless experience for our users.

The Dapp Experience

In crafting the BeaconX Dapp experience, our aim was simplicity and ease of use. We’ve designed an interface that empowers users to effortlessly manage their interactions with the RabbitMQ queue. Users can seamlessly create subscriptions, extend or renew existing ones, and gain insights into received messages. While it may be straightforward, it serves as a reliable and effective tool, ensuring that users can navigate their interactions with ease and efficiency.


BeaconX embodies our unwavering mission at buidly: to empower developers within the MultiversX ecosystem. With Events Notifier and its supporting infrastructure, we’ve introduced a foundational toolset for seamless and secure development. Through intuitive design, robust smart contracts, and an efficient microservice, BeaconX reflects our commitment to providing developers with the necessary resources. While it may seem unassuming, it marks a significant stride towards enabling developers to shape the future of MultiversX.